5 Ways to shift your energy around finances from LACK to ABUNDANCE

  1. Be grateful for your debt ~ So often people get stuck in shame around their debt and often want to bury their head in sand. Try being grateful that someone trusted you to loan you money when you did not have it. This allowed you many experiences and opportunities.
  2. Show gratitude when paying your bills ~ This is similar to the #1, except it’s often a different underlying feeling of stress or frustration.  As you write your bills, give thanks you have running, heat and air. I know for me, the IRS tax bill carried a lot of resistance. DO you best to shift the energy to that of gratitude. This means you had paying clients…right?
  3. Acknowledge that you have a choice in how you choose to spend your money ~ It can become a habit to say I can’t afford it. Often, this is learned from hearing this over and over again. When you really acknowledge you do have a choice, this will release some resistance and put you back into your Power around your money choices.
  4. Look for evidence of Abundance in your life right NOW. Energy flows where attention goes. #TRUTH
  5. Become aware of your money mindset and stories.  Awareness is the first step. Commit to doing the inner work on these old patterns and fears. Take steps  to release any self judgement or blame towards others in regards to you finances. This can be a toughy, but it will go a long way!

I know financial stress is huge abundance blocker. I also know you have the power to change your story and create a new experience around money.

That is why I created my upcoming free Masterclass, 3 Keys to Becoming a Money Magnet ~ Amplify Your Business Success”. We are going to dive into how to shift your money mindset, uplevel your money set point though a Live Activation and much more!

I look forward to seeing you there this coming Wednesday, January 31st at 11 am PST.

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In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist



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