A fun angel sign I received!

This was a fun angel sign recently. I had been mulling over a story to share on Facebook live for a couple days but wasn’t sure how I wanted to present it, was kinda dragging my feet to be honest.
One morning I had just finished doing a quick meditation and asked what was my most aligned next step to take today?
Shortly after that I left to run an errand and began to think about that same story, when I looked up and saw this sign that read “DON’T WAIT COMMUNICATE”…
The best way I can describe it is the sign illuminated at me to get my attention…
Then it was followed by a clear knowing to get out of my head, quit procrastinating and get on fb live today and share it. So I did right when I got home!
I am really clear at this point when I am tuned into my intuition and when my angels are sharing a message. About an hour later, I got a PM with someone who saw my FB live and wanted to sign up for my program. 🙂
Later that night I received my in full payment.
When we Ask, Listen and Commit to the guided action, miracles happen!
We kick off my Manifesting Miracles and Money ~ Live Your Purpose and Amplify Your Success 3 month program this week. This is a powerful container of transformation to birth you Big Vision this year.
There are over 20 Abundance Archangel Activations and Attunement to support you in deep healing clearing patterns, blocks and karma and so much more, so you too can work with your angelic advisors and align to success.
If you know you time is now, and are ready to step into Creative Power, I’d love to welcome you into the program!

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