Acceptance to what is.

I allow what is.. to be what is.

I accept that things are.. what they are.

This is the first step to empowerment and creating the change you desire….

Acceptance to what is.

The second step is surrendering the need to control the situation…the “how” … the outcome… all of it.


Asking for and allowing the miracles to occur with Divine Love and Intervention.

Trusting and knowing that God always has your best interest at heart.

Being open and courageous to take the soul inspired action that is needed.

There will be many times in your life that you may feel defeated, stuck or overwhelmed.

Cultivating and allowing this clear communication and trust with Source is the fastest, easiest and by far the most fun and expansive way to create change and experience miracles in your life.

I know many of you reading this have a calling in your heart to share your message with the world.

I also know how intense and scary the journey of a messenger can be.

I am here for you to support you in taking the next step in clarifying your message and to cultivate the courage and confidence to Be Seen and Heard.

Your Message Matters!

Your Soul Aligned Tribe is waiting to see you step up and shine so they can “see” YOU.

It’s time to Rise and step into your purpose work fully as a Soul Inspired Leader.

If you are service based entrepreneur, messenger or emerging leader feeling the call to rise,  I invite you to check out my new 6 week program…

Access the Voice of Your Soul

Clarify Your Message, Be Seen, Heard and Attract Your Soul Aligned Tribe ~


This is a 6 week program for heart centered entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and speakers who are ready to step into their power and leadership and make an impact in the world with your message!


Here’s what’s included in this 6 week program:

* 6 Weekly live zoom calls
* Writing prompts, facebook live topics to share in group
* weekly visibility,  clearing work
* Lessons in working with specific Archangels to support you and cultivate your intuition
* Weekly intuitive forcast and angel messages in group
* Community to support you in sharing your message

It’s normally valued at $997, but right now you can sign up for only $497 when you click here.

And you’ll also see that I have 7 VIP spots available… Check out the full details here.

Early bird pricing ends soon, so if you are interested be sure to sign up right away… I would love to welcome you into this life changing 6 week program. So be sure to check out the details and comment below if I can be of any additional support to you!



Jen Gilchrist
Soul Alignment & Success Mentor

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