Attract Your Soul Mate Love + Soul Aligned Clients

Attract Your Soul Mate Love + Soul Aligned Clients

5 secrets that are essential to attract both romantic love and soul aligned clients

  1. Embody Confidence and Certainty ~ truly know the value you bring. It is important to see yourself in the highest light. Don’t compromise your values or standards in order to gain approval or validation. Make a list of your “Amazingness” , if need be, to Embody this Truth and acknowledge all that you are.
  2. Be Magnetic ~ “chasing” after or trying to “get” them is how the imbalanced masculine energy can show up. It is essential be in a space of “attracting” through your magnetism and aligned action. This is true whether you are trying to attract the “One” or the next client and income goal.
  3. Be Willing to Be Seen ~ I know from personal experience, visibility can be a big issue for HSP and empathic people. Having clear energetic and physical boundaries are important to feel safe and to trust being the center of attention. No one can see you if you are hiding…it’s time to shine your Light!
  4. Authentic Communication ~ Don’t be afraid to ASK for what you want in the areas of both love and money. When you know your worth you will be able to express your truth with grounded confidence and clarity. People will be able to see and feel your value and respond in turn.
  5. Clarity of Your Non-Negotiable Values ~ Being very clear on what you will and won’t accept in relation to a lover or a client relationship. People will treat you how you allow yourself to be treated. Honor yourself and you will attract people who honor you back.

I’d love to hear your biggest take away and thoughts in the comments…. Chime in below!

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