Attract Your Soul Mate Love + Soul Aligned Clients

Attract Your Soul Mate Love + Soul Aligned Clients

5 secrets that are essential to attract both romantic love and soul aligned clients

  1. Embody Confidence and Certainty ~ truly know the value you bring. It is important to see yourself in the highest light. Don’t compromise your values or standards in order to gain approval or validation. Make a list of your “Amazingness” , if need be, to Embody this Truth and acknowledge all that you are.
  2. Be Magnetic ~ “chasing” after or trying to “get” them is how the imbalanced masculine energy can show up. It is essential be in a space of “attracting” through your magnetism and aligned action. This is true whether you are trying to attract the “One” or the next client and income goal.
  3. Be Willing to Be Seen ~ I know from personal experience, visibility can be a big issue for HSP and empathic people. Having clear energetic and physical boundaries are important to feel safe and to trust being the center of attention. No one can see you if you are hiding…it’s time to shine your Light!
  4. Authentic Communication ~ Don’t be afraid to ASK for what you want in the areas of both love and money. When you know your worth you will be able to express your truth with grounded confidence and clarity. People will be able to see and feel your value and respond in turn.
  5. Clarity of Your Non-Negotiable Values ~ Being very clear on what you will and won’t accept in relation to a lover or a client relationship. People will treat you how you allow yourself to be treated. Honor yourself and you will attract people who honor you back.

I’d love to hear your biggest take away and thoughts in the comments…. Chime in below!

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Melancholy is a form of seduction fear disguises itself as.
It tricks you into thinking that you aren’t enough…
As if you don’t have anything to be grateful or excited for.
In order to move through this energy, you must continue to choose to see the light and beauty within and all around you.
Validating this will evaporate the “blues” and allow you to begin to connect back to your enthusiasm and passion for life.
Choose life now…
Choose love now…
Choose to live each moment to the fullest in awe and appreciation.
Sure, the first step is to have awareness of your feelings and to surrender to “what is”…
Though once you are aware you always get a choice in how you choose to feel or respond.
So look for a slice of light and it will multiply before your very eyes.
And so it is!

Mercury is in retrograde… !!

Mercury is in retrograde from March 22 – April 14th (with a few days of shadow on each end).

This is an opportunity for growth and expansion!

Take the time to go inward for your answers. The truth is always within.

As cliche as this sounds…it’s true.

This is a potent time for ……


Use this Universal energy to deepen your relationship with yourself…your soul.  

Release attachment to the things don’t serve your highest alignment. The more you surrender into this process the easier it will be.  

Radical self care, pampering, self love, compassion and patience will help your body and mind feel safe to release and receive

Ahhhhh … take a deep breathe and release the grip you have on the way you “THINK” things “SHOULD” be.

Ride the wave

Enjoy the process

Be open to new ideas and inspiration

Have the courage to act upon the new ideas, awarenesses and guidance.

The Universe is offering a powerful catalyst to support your big dreams and desires


Open yourself to Receive…

Allow the Miracles to unfold before you!

Take bold inspired action!

I would love to hear what you are creating and experiencing. Share with me in the comments below!

If this message inspired or supported you…. Please share it.  You never know whose life you will touch.


A fun angel sign I received!

This was a fun angel sign recently. I had been mulling over a story to share on Facebook live for a couple days but wasn’t sure how I wanted to present it, was kinda dragging my feet to be honest.
One morning I had just finished doing a quick meditation and asked what was my most aligned next step to take today?
Shortly after that I left to run an errand and began to think about that same story, when I looked up and saw this sign that read “DON’T WAIT COMMUNICATE”…
The best way I can describe it is the sign illuminated at me to get my attention…
Then it was followed by a clear knowing to get out of my head, quit procrastinating and get on fb live today and share it. So I did right when I got home!
I am really clear at this point when I am tuned into my intuition and when my angels are sharing a message. About an hour later, I got a PM with someone who saw my FB live and wanted to sign up for my program. 🙂
Later that night I received my in full payment.
When we Ask, Listen and Commit to the guided action, miracles happen!
We kick off my Manifesting Miracles and Money ~ Live Your Purpose and Amplify Your Success 3 month program this week. This is a powerful container of transformation to birth you Big Vision this year.
There are over 20 Abundance Archangel Activations and Attunement to support you in deep healing clearing patterns, blocks and karma and so much more, so you too can work with your angelic advisors and align to success.
If you know you time is now, and are ready to step into Creative Power, I’d love to welcome you into the program!

5 Ways to shift your energy around finances from LACK to ABUNDANCE

  1. Be grateful for your debt ~ So often people get stuck in shame around their debt and often want to bury their head in sand. Try being grateful that someone trusted you to loan you money when you did not have it. This allowed you many experiences and opportunities.
  2. Show gratitude when paying your bills ~ This is similar to the #1, except it’s often a different underlying feeling of stress or frustration.  As you write your bills, give thanks you have running, heat and air. I know for me, the IRS tax bill carried a lot of resistance. DO you best to shift the energy to that of gratitude. This means you had paying clients…right?
  3. Acknowledge that you have a choice in how you choose to spend your money ~ It can become a habit to say I can’t afford it. Often, this is learned from hearing this over and over again. When you really acknowledge you do have a choice, this will release some resistance and put you back into your Power around your money choices.
  4. Look for evidence of Abundance in your life right NOW. Energy flows where attention goes. #TRUTH
  5. Become aware of your money mindset and stories.  Awareness is the first step. Commit to doing the inner work on these old patterns and fears. Take steps  to release any self judgement or blame towards others in regards to you finances. This can be a toughy, but it will go a long way!

I know financial stress is huge abundance blocker. I also know you have the power to change your story and create a new experience around money.

That is why I created my upcoming free Masterclass, 3 Keys to Becoming a Money Magnet ~ Amplify Your Business Success”. We are going to dive into how to shift your money mindset, uplevel your money set point though a Live Activation and much more!

I look forward to seeing you there this coming Wednesday, January 31st at 11 am PST.

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In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist



How to refuel your own “Love Cup”

What message does my soul have for me today?

This is one of the questions I ask myself, most days, in my own morning routine to help me stay aligned and happy in my life and business. This is a powerful question for you to ask yourself too.

The cool benefit is that it also provides me great insights that can help all of you, in my soul aligned community too! The messages tend to be very synchronistic and inspiring for others which makes it extra fun!

I am all about the win-win.

Today’s message from my soul was this:

“Celebrate yourself along the way and give yourself what YOU need. I mean,really sit down and give yourself a pat on the back.”

From that came a quick download of an activity to do in my journaling to get me aligned, high vibe and in a space of receiving. As entrepreneurs,it is so easy to give, give, give your heart, soul, time and energy forgetting to refuel your own “Love Cup” as I like to say <3

This may seem simple and things  you have already possibly heard of….but are you doing it?  

Step 1: List 10 things you appreciate about YOU

Step 2:  List 10 things you are celebrating

Step 3: List 10 things you are grateful for

Step 4: What can you do to symbolize this celebration of YOU? Ask your body and soul what you truly desire that will nourish you in this moment.

Step 5: Commit to doing what  your body and soul desires. Even if it means scheduling it your calendar for a day this week

Take 5 – 10 minutes to do this exercise, literally it took me under 10 minutes and shifted me into feeling amazing, aligned an in FLOW.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

We are all conscious creators of our own experience and tending to our body and souls desires is an essential key to staying in alignment and receiving all that you are asking for!

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In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist

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Insights + Inspiration for You! {Angel Card Reading inside…}

This week’s Angel Card Reading is now ready for you.. YAY!
It’s time to start taking action on your dreams and intuitive nudges… Make space and a commitment to your purpose work! Its your time to shine. 💫
Hit play below to hear what message your Angels have for you this week.

In Abundance,
PS: Here is the free gift I spoke of in the reading… the Align to Soul Success workbook.

With this workbook, you’ll…

  • Get crystal clear about where you are at in your life and business and where you want to be.
  • Define what it is your truly want (hint: it becomes much easier to create it in your life when you’re clear on what you want!)
  • Take an honest look at where you spend your time and energy so you can prioritize going forward.

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Set yourself up for success with your morning routine!

I did a Facebook Live today that I want to make sure you saw…

When you watch, you’ll hear me share my Morning Routine, which I believe is an essential foundation that allows me to create my business and sustain my success.

Check it out below…

Set Yourself up for Success with Your Morning Routine.

We all have the power to manifest the life and business we dream of. Now is the perfect time to harness the momentum of your mission in 2018.

In the replay I also answer a question from my group about how to keep moving forward when you are overwhelmed with which next step to take and stressed out not knowing the exact steps yet.

Catch the replay above!

In Abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Aligned Success Mentor & Speaker

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Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018? {Angel Card Reading is ready!}

YAY… Your weekly Angel Card Reading full of Intuitive Insights and Inspiration for the week of January 8th – 13th is now available!
It is time to Come out of the Closet….. and take charge of this situation? Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018?
If this resonates for you, listen in below. There was lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom and loving kick in the you-know-what to do to get more visible with your message and purpose work.

Let me know how this resonates for you by chiming in with a comment below!
In Abundance,

Is it time to come out of hiding?

Have you been hiding parts of your TRUE self?

Do you feel frustrated that you have been busy doing “all the things” and yet….. Not seeing the results you desire for your soul’s work?

Perhaps you are beating yourself up for breaking your promise to yourself over and over again about getting more visible online?

Are you are fed up with standing in your own way and ready to finally get the momentum rolling in 2018….yet a little part of you fears you may let yourself down again?

I can completely relate to this inner battle with knowing you have amazing gifts to share with the world and yet still floundering with self sabotage in one form or another..  

You know you won’t really give up….

But you are tired weary and frankly just OVER your business not generating profit and impact in the big way you know you are meant for.

If this feels like you, I have got you covered!

I know this all too well. I spent many years in “hiding” my spiritual gifts..  You see, I was so afraid of being judged and even shunned from those I love dearly, that I wasn’t truly showing up in the world with ALL of me. I was hiding my psychic, healer, angel card reading WooWoo AF self.

Instead I showed up in “safe” way that I thought would not rock the boat with the rest of the world, which clearly is an unnatural and impossible task. (haha)

The result was a lot of LACK.

Lack of Alignment
Lack of Joy
Lack of Abundance
Lack of Fulfilment
Lack of Impact
Lack of Purpose

I had a download this morning while journaling….  I have been feeling a shift coming for awhile in my offerings but hadn’t quite got the clear aligned idea until today!

I am so excited to introduce…

Time to Come Out of Hiding ~ Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Paid
6 Week Transformational Intensive

[See the full details here.]

This one-on-one program is designed to clear out the self sabotage in all areas of your life, so that you can thrive in your soul inspired business and life. For me it was coming out of the spiritual closet, but for you it may be a different story. The underlying fear and self sabotage you are experiencing is what we are going to deep dive into clearing so that you can gain massive momentum in your business success for 2018 (and beyond).  As a psychic, energy healer and Akashic reader, I have many tools to support you in clearing your blind spots.

One of my superpowers is to see YOU, your soul self and highest potential, while also seeing intuitively exactly where you are stuck. This creates space and awakens awareness for you to embody and live your next level YOU now!

I hope you’ll consider starting 2018 with this transformational program.  I would love to support you in finally being seen, paid and heard for your unique gifts in the world!

In Abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Speaker & Mentor