This little light of mine…

When I tuned in today…this was the message I got to share.

I began to hear this song sing in my mind…

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

This is a message of encouragement and inspiration to keep on showing up sharing your beautiful message and heart with the world.

Continue to take the action that feels inspired from within you….even when its scary to share, show up anyways.


Because your message matters and you are inspiring and awakening hope within others just by showing up.

I would love to hear from you today…

What message are committed to sharing with the world? 

How are you committed to showing up and shining your light even more brightly?

Go here to leave me a comment inside the Soul Success Circle facebook community.

I also felt inspired to create a special invitation to those of you feeling the call to show up in more bright in the world yet may be feeling a bit unclear or stuck on how or what aligned action in your business or life.

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This is limited to 10 people ~ 60 minute one-to-one and group Soul Alignment DNA Activation for $197.

This is deeply discounted from my one on one work and I do not not regularly offer single sessions.

So if you have been wanting a private reading from me now is your opprotunity. I would be so thrilled to help you gain insight, clarity and momentum in this time to act as a catalyst for you to experience more freedom and alignment in your purpose driven business.

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Until next time…

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Inspired Success Mentor & Speaker


The Ultimate Guide to Uplevel Your Business and Life with Ease

Are you ready to reclaim your manifesting power and create the life and business you both desire and deserve?

I know that if you found your way to this post you are soul-led entrepreneur who is committed to answer the calling you feel inside of you to be of service in the world. You also believe you can have it all! You want the freedom based lifestyle, joy, love, abundance and success without sacrifice.

Yet, even though you believe and have experienced your ability to manifest, you are frustrated and having trouble moving through your glass ceiling of income, joy or leadership that you know in your heart you are meant for.

I get it, I really do.

Everytime we uplevel we hit a deeper layer of fear or limitations often leaving us in a cloud of fog or overwhelm.

During this time of expansion and growth we have the opportunity to master our God-given abilities and live even more fully as powerful creators we are in spiritual truth.

I have created this guide to support you in mastering your divinity and aligning even more fully with your manifesting abilities and creative power.

Ready to dive in?

Great… let’s go!

Soul Success Secret 1 ~ Clarity is Key

Clarity + Intention is a powerful combination, so let’s dive into designing the life and business that you dream!

The first step is to spend some meditating and journaling so you can really tune into your true heart’s desires and know what your big vision is. I believe it’s important, as purpose driven entrepreneurs, to take an inventory in all areas of your life and business so that you create a lifestyle that support the success, freedom and fulfillment you desire. After all, you really can have it all, so you might as well dream big!

I am going to share a few ways that you can set your intentions even more powerfully.  Once you have an idea of what the next level looks like in your life and business, ask yourself and journal on, your “Big Why”. Explore what your personal Why is… how this next level vision and income will support your personal life, relationships, health and family. As well, as your mission based, global Why. How will this be of service to humanity at large?  These questions will give you even more clarity and alignment.

Next, close your eyes and really connect to how this will “feel” in your body, visualize this as if it’s happening in the present moment. Just five minutes a day connecting to your desires in this way will begin to draw in all of the support ideas and guidance needed to bring this vision into fruition.

Soul Success Secret 2 ~ Activate Your Next Level Vision Now

You can take this practice even deeper by writing out your next level vision in the present tense.  Share in detail a day of your soul aligned life and business as if it were a dairy entry. You may have heard this before, but have you taken the time to do this often? This is such powerful practice! The more senses you get involved in your manifestation process the stronger magnetism you will have to attract it into your experience. Devote 5 minutes a few times this week to write your story. You can read it outloud or visualize and feel this scene in your mind’s eye. Consciously connecting with your “Why” and how you “feel” is key.

Another alignment activity, I practice and teach, is to ask my future self what next step I can take now to align with my big vision? Or what steps did I take to get to the next level? Sometimes when we ask inquiring questions in different ways we are able to get new insights.

You can’t uplevel with the same actions and mindset you currently have.

Connecting with your future self in the present moment and taking action ” as if ” you are your next level YOU now, is essential.

Soul Success Secret 3 ~ Raise Your Vibration to Increase Your Manifesting Mojo

Prioritizing how you feel is an essential foundation in staying in a high vibe.  Taking excellent care of yourself allows you to be an energetic match to that which you are asking for…and it allows you to have fun and enjoy the process. After all, being a powerful creator of your own experience is supposed to be exhilarating, empowering and fun!

Self care, massage, play time, exercise, rest and healthy eating is often what is needed to raise your physical vibration, so that you become an energetic match to your next level desires. This can feel counter intuitive, and yes action is required, yet sometimes we get caught in the overdoing (unbalanced masculine energy) which leads to overwhelm and burnout which blocks your ability to receive. Receive is the key word which is an aspect of the divine feminine. It is essential to tune into your bodies needs and create balance. I have learned through my own burnout, being on the hamster wheel of “societies” version of success, that this balance of divinity in action sustains my life and builds my success.

So, my invitation is to take an honest assessment of your life…

Is it all work and no play?

Tune inward and ask your body, what does it need from you to be in alignment with your highest path? This is a practice I incorporate throughout my day. You can also ask specific questions such as:

What do I need to do to release this stress or resistance? Or alternatively, What do you need to bring in more of what you want, such as more peace, energy or motivation.

Our bodies are powerful divination tools that embody so much wisdom and all the answers you seek. When you learn how to be in clear communication with your bodies needs and honor them….you will manifest so quickly and feel amazing in the process.

Soul Success Secret 4 ~ Claim Your Creative Power and Create Miracles Everyday

Chances are, you know what it feels like to be totally in the flow of synchronicity creating amazing miracles. It feels so amazing to experience this, right?

These experiences aren’t just flukes or happenstance. You are in control of your creative experience 100% of the time. You are always the one manifesting your reality whether you are doing it consciously or unconsciously. This can be a tough pill to swallow if it’s the first time hearing this, especially if you are currently experiencing a reality that you particularly like. Right?

There is so much power in accepting this responsibility because it is in this acceptance that we get to take back the reins and create something new instead of feeling helpless and victimized by our experience.  That is the exciting part of this equation. I want to point this out because the more fully and quickly you claim responsibility for all parts of your experience the more quickly and powerfully you can pivot and create something more desirable and new.

Is  fear driving your creation process? Are you ready to take your power and live as the Divine Creator you are?

I get it, trust me I do. These fears and limitations rear their head and get especially loud when we are about to breakthrough to our next level.

Awareness is key.

Becoming aware of these fears is the first step in changing them. Begin to watch your thoughts like a hawk. Notice when you say “NO” and deny yourself of something you desire is the first step.

Once you are aware of a limiting belief or fear based reaction, it is time to instill a new Empowered belief that supports the freedom based lifestyle and business I know you desire and deserve.


If you decide you want to Uplevel your life with this information, I have put together a Money Magnetism Workbook for you. Click here to download it

Soul Success Secret 5 ~ Expand Though Limits by Transmuting Your Fears and Resistance

When we elevate our lives and businesses to the next level you can be sure to expect fear and resistance to show up. Upleveling is not a linear process. There is sure to be a bit of back and forth as you literally “birth” your next creation. This expansion process can feel like “labor” pains so to speak. It can be uncomfortable for a short time, but the gift you receive is well worth it! I suggest you actually learn to welcome and appreciate this period of time, knowing that your dreams are on the side and you are merely creating space to receive it.

Some of these fears will be easy to change simply by becoming aware of them and choosing to create a new habit of thinking.  Some patterns may be more deeply rooted requiring deeper inner work, through journaling, energy healing. In some cases working with a mentor who can see your blind spots and really hold the bigger vision with you opens space for you to step into your next level more quickly and easily.

Here is a powerful process to support you in transmuting fears and resistance to support your expansion process.

  • The first step is realizing you are in resistance and letting your fear run the show and thus slowing or stopping your creation process. Fear and resistance can show up in many forms…procrastination, lack of clarity, feeling frozen, overwhelmed. Another tricky distraction is keeping really busy, but not productive. Numbing or “escapism” through emotional eating or drinking is another sign.
  • The second step is to get to the root cause of the fear, resistance or trigger you are noticing and move through it. Sometimes this means simply “being” with the energy and emotion you are feeling. Resistance is the non-acceptance of what is. Journaling is a wonderful way to get clear on this. I suggest sitting down, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breathes. You can call in the angles for support in healing if you like.
  • Then set your intention to move through this in a healing way and get back into aligned action. Take a moment to notice where this “feeling” is stuck in your body and “what” it is. You may get an intuitive hit and move right through it. If not, journaling how you feel is wonderful. Free flow write, for 5 minutes or so, exactly what is going on for you in the moment. Even if you start with writing something like, “I am frustrated I have no clue what is going on with me”. Allow whatever feelings or victimization you are experiencing to have a voice without judgement. Just stick with writing without thinking and you will begin to shift the energy. I suggest ending with asking, “ What is the best next step I can take right now to…(fill in the blank, feel better, be aligned ect)”

All of the “correct” strategies or actions in the world will either yield little to no results or eventually leave you completely frustrated, burnt out and unfulfilled if you are not energetically aligned with your desired outcome.You must address the underlying self sabotaging or fear based limiting beliefs as they surface so you can energetically align with the truth of who you are and how you are meant to serve through your purpose driven business. We are meant to enjoy life and experience infinite abundance and freedom.

Soul Success Secret 6 ~ Become a Money Magnet ~ Master Your Relationship With Money

Our relationship with money is a mirror that is quick to reflect our misalignments…right?

First off, It’s essential to understand and remember that money is not finite. It is unlimited and available to all people at all times. You having “more” has no bearing on another having less. It doesn’t take away from anyone or make you less “spiritual” if you are financially abundant. In reality, it is the exact opposite. You having more can give you the ability to spread your message of empowerment, serve on a larger scale and allows you the freedom to support causes that are close to your heart. Simultaneously, you are meant to enjoy and experience all that you desire in your life as well, without struggle. Abundance is a natural byproduct of living in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Abundance is your inherent birthright…it’s who you are!

So let’s talk numbers…money loves attention! Here’s a few key areas to pay attention to get the money magnetism and momentum building.

Current Money Set Point
Step 1~ Taking time to get really clear and honest about what your “current money set point” is. That means how much are you able to receive. Much like a thermostat in your home your energy frequency has a money set point. In order to raise it higher you need to know and accept what that is in the current moment.

Annual Abundant Income
Step 2 ~ Now for the fun part. You are going to come up with your Abundant Annual Income. Most people  shoot far too low and unconsciously limit themselves in their manifesting process. This is a time to dream big!  This is a great exercise because it gives you permission to ask for what you really want. Be aware of any limiting gremlin voices that may show up in your head as you dream big. If they do, remember to add them to your list of limiting beliefs to transform into empowered beliefs as I shared above. It will get you motivated and excited when you can connect with why you want the money and how you will feel with the support of savings, as well as how your life and relationships will be uplifted.

I know how it feels to be so financially frustrated… to feel limited by my bank account and buried under bills and credit card debt. I learned that this struggle isn’t necessary and actually is way out of alignment from how we are meant to experience life.

I am so passionate about supporting people in upleveling their money story so they can have the freedom to live extraordinary lives that fuel their soul and make an impact in the world. If you would like to go deeper in transforming your money story and uplevel your income, experience a powerful Abundance Activation and discover tangible action steps to take to up-level your money story, I have a Money Magnetism Guide for you. Click here to download your Money Magnetism guide now

Soul Success Secret 7 ~ Enlist Your Spiritual Support Team

Leveraging your spiritual support team to co create your desires puts you on the fast track. As you begin to align with the bigger vision you have for yourself, you can expect to see new layers of fear and limiting beliefs surface.

Asking for daily guidance, consciously tuning into your divine guidance and taking the inspired action is life changing. It is a personal choice how you choose to identify with your higher self, God, or your angels. Being in open communication with this divine wisdom makes life so much easier and fun.

I see the Archangels much like a coach or community of loving support with a divinely guided, bird’s eye perspective of your highest path and purpose. It feels so great to know you are not alone and has allowed me to take huge leaps of faith through my comfort zone, time and time again which as resulted in fast tracking my success. In one instance, I invested 22k in my business when I had no money in my bank account because I had cultivated such trust in my my intuitive knowing and spiritual support.

Listening to your intuitive guidance is a form of receiving.

As you commit to this practice, starting with the little day to day decisions you will build your intuitive muscle and cultivate unshakable faith in your ability as a divine creator. This is priceless! This is by far my most valued asset and one of my favorite tools to teach others because it is so empowering to know you do not have to have all the answers figured ahead of time. In fact, rarely does the plan of action and manifestation occur in the way you think. Instead, when we can let go of the “how”, it creates space for even more miraculous outcome to manifest.

The first thing you need to know is you must ASK for guidance and support. I start my morning routine with a meditation which includes inviting in and asking for divine guidance to guide me in staying in alignment with my highest path and purpose. Intuitive guidance comes in many forms. Pay attention to what thoughts, ideas, feelings, visions come to you. Notice repeating messages or synchronicity like overhearing” a conversation that confirms what you asked for guidance on. Some people are really attuned to hearing that inner whisper of their soul. We are all intuitive, spiritual beings who are able to cultivate these spiritual gifts. It is well worth the investment of time,energy and money to harness and trust your intuition.

Then you must take aligned action!

This is a huge piece of manifesting. It is a co-creation process. You must take the steps as they come one or two steps at a time, trusting and allowing the path to illuminate as you go. This is a huge practice to surrender needing to know the “how” before you begin. Clarity comes through the inspired action.

​I believe that it is imperative to create your business and life from the inside out.

When you are in alignment to your soul’s calling it is absolutely inevitable that you will experience new levels of Freedom, Joy and Abundance while making the Impact in the world I know your heart desires.

Go here to download your free Money Magnetism guide...I can’t wait for you to experience a powerful Abundance Activation and discover tangible action steps to take to up-level your money story and receive abundance!


You are enough.

You are enough.


Just as you are ….perfectly imperfect.

You are enough.

Quiet the mind to listen to the small still voice within you that says…I Love You.

You are Beautiful.
You are Brave.
You are Loved.
You are Enough.


Take a moment… close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, take a nice deep breathe and feel these words deep in your core. Receive these words fully…


You are enough.










Claim it

Start where you are…..It’s the only place you can move forward from.  

Sounds obvious….right?  Yet, sometimes we resist this and want to skip ahead.

Yes, it’s so important to tune into that larger vision of…

How you want to show up in the world
Who you want to serve
What kind of impact your heart and soul desries to make

Yes, that is crucial to be connected to your larger vision and your “why”

It’s also equally essential to  Love, Honor and Accept where you are today, right now in this moment.

Appreciate and accept the parts of your journey that may feel or look as though it “falls short” from where you want to be.

That energy and perspective is what will keep you stuck and unable to step into the life and leadership you see is possible and desire…. that souls calling inside of you.

Use this powerful eclipse and retrograde energy to go within and release whats no longer serving you.  

See all the chaos and mayhem going on outside of you as well as within you as a powerful opportunity for growth and expansion.

Use this time and space to re-commit deeply to the life you wish to lead.

Who you want to Be
How you want to Show up in the World
How you want to be Seen and Received

Be willing to sit in the uncomfortable that are bubbling up within you as a catalyst for the breakthrough you have been working towards..and asking for.

Power is in appreciation
Power is in acceptance
Power is in the present
Power is within YOU!

Claim it!

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Inspired Success Mentor & Speaker

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Acceptance to what is.

I allow what is.. to be what is.

I accept that things are.. what they are.

This is the first step to empowerment and creating the change you desire….

Acceptance to what is.

The second step is surrendering the need to control the situation…the “how” … the outcome… all of it.


Asking for and allowing the miracles to occur with Divine Love and Intervention.

Trusting and knowing that God always has your best interest at heart.

Being open and courageous to take the soul inspired action that is needed.

There will be many times in your life that you may feel defeated, stuck or overwhelmed.

Cultivating and allowing this clear communication and trust with Source is the fastest, easiest and by far the most fun and expansive way to create change and experience miracles in your life.

I know many of you reading this have a calling in your heart to share your message with the world.

I also know how intense and scary the journey of a messenger can be.

I am here for you to support you in taking the next step in clarifying your message and to cultivate the courage and confidence to Be Seen and Heard.

Your Message Matters!

Your Soul Aligned Tribe is waiting to see you step up and shine so they can “see” YOU.

It’s time to Rise and step into your purpose work fully as a Soul Inspired Leader.

If you are service based entrepreneur, messenger or emerging leader feeling the call to rise,  I invite you to check out my new 6 week program…

Access the Voice of Your Soul

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This is a 6 week program for heart centered entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and speakers who are ready to step into their power and leadership and make an impact in the world with your message!


Here’s what’s included in this 6 week program:

* 6 Weekly live zoom calls
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Jen Gilchrist
Soul Alignment & Success Mentor

Ooo… Can you feel the energy changes?! (Angel Card Reading + Program Announcement!)

August is a month full of lots of activity and lots of energy changes are happening (there are soooooo many planetary things going on; can you feel it?!)

If you’ve been feeling extra sensitive lately and are in need of some support, check out this week’s Angel Card Reading in the video below to help you navigate through the energy changes occurring this week!

When you watch, you’ll also hear me share that doors are now open for my 6 week program:

Access the Voice of Your Soul

Clarify Your Message, Be Seen, Heard and Attract Your Soul Aligned Tribe ~


This is a 6 week program for heart centered entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and speakers who are ready to step into their power and leadership and make an impact in the world with your message!

During this 6 week program, you will…

  • Learn my Soul Writing Method so you will stand out in the marketplace, which means more clients and more cash flow!
  • Discover how to write and create from a soul directed space * Unleash your Authentic Expression of your unique message
  • Clear out creative blocks and fears that are holding you back and keeping you invisible and stuck * Gain clarity about your soul gifts and message
  • Connect with your Spiritual Support team (including 3 specific Archangels) and ​hone your intuition so you can follow your inner roadmap to success
  • Be confident and at ease while creating content and feel elated with joy as you know you are truly aligning and sharing your message and fulfilling your purpose

It’s normally valued at $997, but right now you can sign up for only $497 when you click here.

And you’ll also see that I have 7 VIP spots available… Check out the full details here.

I would love to welcome you into this life changing 6 week program. So be sure to check out the details and hit ‘reply’ if I can be of any additional support to you!

And as always, I’d love to hear any aha’s or insights you received when watching this week’s Angel Card Reading, so be sure to leave me a comment under the video!


Jen Gilchrist
Soul Alignment & Success Mentor


✨ Angel Card Reading + Masterclass Reminder for You! ✨

YAY! I am so excited to be hosting my free free masterclass, “Awaken the Voice of Your Soul” this Thursday, August 3rd at 11 am Pacific specifically for heart centered and spiritual entrepreneurs!
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Now, onto this week’s Angel Card Reading…
Are you trying to uplevel in your business but keep coming up against new fears and are constantly feeling stuck or have a lack of clarity?
If so, the very first card I pull this week is for you!
Because the angels want to remind you that now is the time to listen to your own intuition as you step into your next level. Check out the video to learn more.
Check it out here…

And as always, leave a comment below after watching letting me know which card resonated with you most!

What I create turns to Gold…

What I create turns to Gold.


Say it with me…


What I create turns to Gold.


How could it be any other way? I am a Divine Creator. I am here creating with Infinite Divine Intelligence when I Believe and Allow.


I know in every fiber of my being, I am here to awaken transformational leaders.


The beauty is…..I awaken the world as the world awakens me.


I am here to raise the consciousness of the planet and pave the way for emerging leaders and and heart centered entrepreneurs to claim their space in all their Glory…


There is enough room for all of our gifts. Until every single person on the planet is awakened to the Truth of their Divinity.. The Truth of their Divine Creative Power and truly living into the fullness of their Being there is room for more leaders, teachers, coaches, authors, speakers and change agents to illuminate TRUTH.


You are far more powerful than you know. The time is now to transcend your fears and limitations on what you can create.  The time is NOW to RISE UP and LEAD from LOVE.


“How will I do this?”  you may ask…


“How can I possibly fulfill such a large vision/mission?”


By tapping into the Infinite Wisdom you are…..It requires quieting down, going inward and cultivating the faith to let go of the need  to control the “How”… Trust..drop in…..Know that you are never alone and that you are guided and supported to get your message out.


This requires deep faith and trust.. It requires a strong commitment to yourself and  your purpose… It requires  you to cultivate and harness your intuition and ability to communicate with God, Higher Self  and your Spiritual Support team.. Whom are always there ready to illuminate your highest path.


This takes daily practice in the small day to day choices. I teach my clients to practice daily asking for guidance, listening and taking the aligned action in the form of divine guidance.


“What am I feeling?”


“What would my body like today to feel its best?”


“What is the next step I can take today to be in alignment with my higher purpose?”


“How can I be of service?”


When you begin to cultivate this inner knowing, live in communication with this Divine Wisdom and take the guided action.. You quickly build trust in the process.


Working with the angels and cultivating my intuition has allowed me to have confidence and trust to take leaps of faith into the unknown…. Which if left to my logical mind, I would have talked myself out of opportunities that have changed my life.


I have literally made $22,000 business investments purely because I have cultivated this level of trust in my body’s wisdom. Trust me when I say, I had a million reasons why I “shouldn’t” do it.. “It’s awfully risky” that voice screamed in head … and it would have been easy to listen to that voice of fear and doubt.. After all, I didn’t even have my mortgage payment in my bank account.


I knew by now, that it’s never really about the money. If something is aligned and allowing me to grow and live my life on purpose, then I am always provided for.  


I knew it came down to believing and trusting in myself.. Feeling the  fear and leaping into alignment with my vision by following the guided action.


I am deeply passionate about empowering spiritual entrepreneurs and emerging leaders step into their power and clarity of their unique message and gifts so they can lead from a Soul Inspired place.


Your clients and community are ready and waiting for your gifts, wisdom and inspiration  to illuminate the path for them.


If you think about it….It’s quite selfish to hoard your gifts and keep them a secret.  Wouldn’t you say?


You KNOW that what you offer changes people’s life and inspires hope.


Aren’t you so grateful that your mentors, spiritual teachers and coaches had the courage to move through their fears and into action so you could wake up fully to your purpose?


What if they hadn’t? What if they stayed playing it safe and small keeping their transformative gifts and life changing information a secret?


This is exactly the gratitude your soul aligned tribe will be feeling about you as you unleash your message to the masses.


If  you are shaking your head ,”YES,YES” this is me.. I have a POWERFUL gift and message to share “…


Then I invite you to join me for my upcoming masterclass:

Awaken the Voice of Your Soul

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I hope you’ll join me!


It might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)…

Often times when we’re upleveling in our lives or business, we may find that the things around us are no longer working… which can leave us feeling anything but peaceful!

Can you relate?

If so, it might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)

It can require courage to release resistance and can allow for a space of gratitude and forgiveness.  One way to do a peace offering is by calling on your spiritual support team and allowing divine guidance to come in and support you!

Check out this week’s Angel Card Reading in the video here to hear what the cards have to say about peace offerings, forgiveness and more… This week’s reading is really to support business owners who may be feeling called to change their patterns or uplevel in new ways!

And as always, I’d love to hear from you once you’ve watched…

Which card resonated with you most? Chime in with a comment here!

Also, I want to let you know that the 🌺 Elevate Your Mindset for Soul Success 🌺 program kicks off TOMORROW.. It’s a 21 day journey to help you uplevel your mindset to align with your next level goals!   Here’s the link to find out all the juicy details to sign up:  Whether you are new in business or ready for a bigger game, this 21 day journey is for you if you are ready to claim your creative power and rewrite your story, shift out of struggle and into expansion, and are DONE allowing that voice of fear to limit your success and happiness! The time is now to step into the the next level of abundance and leadership that you know is there for you with much more ease, so I hope you’ll consider joining me for this 3 week journey!


Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Speaker & Mentor


This is what I am reminding myself today…

I allow myself to be seen and heard…
I speak authentically and from the heart…
I allow others to acknowledge my message and gifts…
I receive their attention with joy in my heart…

This is what I am reminding myself today… and I invite you to do the same if it feels aligned.

It’s so funny how unexpected and “out of the blue” experiences show you so clearly where you aren’t allowing yourself to receive fully that which you have asked for.  

These times are such a gift.

Welcome these awarenesses with both excitement and curiosity.  These are times for massive expansion and growth…

It’s an opportunity to heal….

It’s an answer to your prayer…

And it’s how you Align to Your Next Level of Success!

Become acutely aware of where you begin to shrink your light. Notice the feeling in your body when you get triggered or play small……Notice what thoughts move through your mind.  

This is how you turn Lead to Gold…
This is how you heal and grow…
This is an opportunity to Expand…
This is how you make the Impact…
This is your Soul’s calling!

Take note of these opportunities and if you can not move through it in the moment….Make it a priority to come back to this situation in your meditation or journaling practice with curiosity and intent to heal and grow… Begin to ask yourself questions that reveal the core fear that’s rearing up.  

This opportunity is such a gift.

It’s revealing to you where you are not allowing all that you are asking for.

It’s revealing to you where its time to forgive and let go, so you can fully align with  your highest potential and share your message boldly and confidently with the world.

It’s my mission to support messengers and emerging leaders to move through the fears and limitations so you  can gain confidence and clarity in sharing your message and gifts with the masses.

Whether you are new in business or ready for a bigger game, I”ve put together a 21 day journey for you if you are ready to claim your creative power and rewrite your story, shift out of struggle and into expansion, and are DONE allowing that voice of fear to limit your success and happiness!


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