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Now, onto this week’s Angel Card Reading…
Are you trying to uplevel in your business but keep coming up against new fears and are constantly feeling stuck or have a lack of clarity?
If so, the very first card I pull this week is for you!
Because the angels want to remind you that now is the time to listen to your own intuition as you step into your next level. Check out the video to learn more.
Check it out here…

And as always, leave a comment below after watching letting me know which card resonated with you most!

What I create turns to Gold…

What I create turns to Gold.


Say it with me…


What I create turns to Gold.


How could it be any other way? I am a Divine Creator. I am here creating with Infinite Divine Intelligence when I Believe and Allow.


I know in every fiber of my being, I am here to awaken transformational leaders.


The beauty is…..I awaken the world as the world awakens me.


I am here to raise the consciousness of the planet and pave the way for emerging leaders and and heart centered entrepreneurs to claim their space in all their Glory…


There is enough room for all of our gifts. Until every single person on the planet is awakened to the Truth of their Divinity.. The Truth of their Divine Creative Power and truly living into the fullness of their Being there is room for more leaders, teachers, coaches, authors, speakers and change agents to illuminate TRUTH.


You are far more powerful than you know. The time is now to transcend your fears and limitations on what you can create.  The time is NOW to RISE UP and LEAD from LOVE.


“How will I do this?”  you may ask…


“How can I possibly fulfill such a large vision/mission?”


By tapping into the Infinite Wisdom you are…..It requires quieting down, going inward and cultivating the faith to let go of the need  to control the “How”… Trust..drop in…..Know that you are never alone and that you are guided and supported to get your message out.


This requires deep faith and trust.. It requires a strong commitment to yourself and  your purpose… It requires  you to cultivate and harness your intuition and ability to communicate with God, Higher Self  and your Spiritual Support team.. Whom are always there ready to illuminate your highest path.


This takes daily practice in the small day to day choices. I teach my clients to practice daily asking for guidance, listening and taking the aligned action in the form of divine guidance.


“What am I feeling?”


“What would my body like today to feel its best?”


“What is the next step I can take today to be in alignment with my higher purpose?”


“How can I be of service?”


When you begin to cultivate this inner knowing, live in communication with this Divine Wisdom and take the guided action.. You quickly build trust in the process.


Working with the angels and cultivating my intuition has allowed me to have confidence and trust to take leaps of faith into the unknown…. Which if left to my logical mind, I would have talked myself out of opportunities that have changed my life.


I have literally made $22,000 business investments purely because I have cultivated this level of trust in my body’s wisdom. Trust me when I say, I had a million reasons why I “shouldn’t” do it.. “It’s awfully risky” that voice screamed in head … and it would have been easy to listen to that voice of fear and doubt.. After all, I didn’t even have my mortgage payment in my bank account.


I knew by now, that it’s never really about the money. If something is aligned and allowing me to grow and live my life on purpose, then I am always provided for.  


I knew it came down to believing and trusting in myself.. Feeling the  fear and leaping into alignment with my vision by following the guided action.


I am deeply passionate about empowering spiritual entrepreneurs and emerging leaders step into their power and clarity of their unique message and gifts so they can lead from a Soul Inspired place.


Your clients and community are ready and waiting for your gifts, wisdom and inspiration  to illuminate the path for them.


If you think about it….It’s quite selfish to hoard your gifts and keep them a secret.  Wouldn’t you say?


You KNOW that what you offer changes people’s life and inspires hope.


Aren’t you so grateful that your mentors, spiritual teachers and coaches had the courage to move through their fears and into action so you could wake up fully to your purpose?


What if they hadn’t? What if they stayed playing it safe and small keeping their transformative gifts and life changing information a secret?


This is exactly the gratitude your soul aligned tribe will be feeling about you as you unleash your message to the masses.


If  you are shaking your head ,”YES,YES” this is me.. I have a POWERFUL gift and message to share “…


Then I invite you to join me for my upcoming masterclass:

Awaken the Voice of Your Soul

Thursday, August 3, 2017 @ 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern

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In this 60 minute masterclass you will discover ~

  • Secrets to access your soul’s voice
  • How to receive divine downloads
  • Next steps to confidently aligning your embodied presence with your soulful message
  • How to get visible so your divine clients can find you
  • … and much more!

I hope you’ll join me!


It might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)…

Often times when we’re upleveling in our lives or business, we may find that the things around us are no longer working… which can leave us feeling anything but peaceful!

Can you relate?

If so, it might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)

It can require courage to release resistance and can allow for a space of gratitude and forgiveness.  One way to do a peace offering is by calling on your spiritual support team and allowing divine guidance to come in and support you!

Check out this week’s Angel Card Reading in the video here to hear what the cards have to say about peace offerings, forgiveness and more… This week’s reading is really to support business owners who may be feeling called to change their patterns or uplevel in new ways!

And as always, I’d love to hear from you once you’ve watched…

Which card resonated with you most? Chime in with a comment here!

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Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Speaker & Mentor


This is what I am reminding myself today…

I allow myself to be seen and heard…
I speak authentically and from the heart…
I allow others to acknowledge my message and gifts…
I receive their attention with joy in my heart…

This is what I am reminding myself today… and I invite you to do the same if it feels aligned.

It’s so funny how unexpected and “out of the blue” experiences show you so clearly where you aren’t allowing yourself to receive fully that which you have asked for.  

These times are such a gift.

Welcome these awarenesses with both excitement and curiosity.  These are times for massive expansion and growth…

It’s an opportunity to heal….

It’s an answer to your prayer…

And it’s how you Align to Your Next Level of Success!

Become acutely aware of where you begin to shrink your light. Notice the feeling in your body when you get triggered or play small……Notice what thoughts move through your mind.  

This is how you turn Lead to Gold…
This is how you heal and grow…
This is an opportunity to Expand…
This is how you make the Impact…
This is your Soul’s calling!

Take note of these opportunities and if you can not move through it in the moment….Make it a priority to come back to this situation in your meditation or journaling practice with curiosity and intent to heal and grow… Begin to ask yourself questions that reveal the core fear that’s rearing up.  

This opportunity is such a gift.

It’s revealing to you where you are not allowing all that you are asking for.

It’s revealing to you where its time to forgive and let go, so you can fully align with  your highest potential and share your message boldly and confidently with the world.

It’s my mission to support messengers and emerging leaders to move through the fears and limitations so you  can gain confidence and clarity in sharing your message and gifts with the masses.

Whether you are new in business or ready for a bigger game, I”ve put together a 21 day journey for you if you are ready to claim your creative power and rewrite your story, shift out of struggle and into expansion, and are DONE allowing that voice of fear to limit your success and happiness!


Visit to learn more about “Elevate Your Mindset to Soul Success ~ A 21 day Journey to Upleveling Mindset to Align with your next level life”.

We start next Wednesday, June 28th and it’s only $47 to join us if you sign up by this Sunday.

I’d love to support you in reclaiming what’s meant for you… Check out the details here.



Don’t let negative mind chatter keep you from your big dreams!

Do you ever feel like the monkey mind chatter has completely taken over your mind?

Often this happens when you are massively upleveling your business and life. Once you ask for more than you currently have, the ego/mind has a field day!!  It incessantly telling you why it won’t work, or why you should be afraid and stay small.  It literally fights for you limitations and excuses.

It can make you feel a bit crazy at times….Am I right?

It can feel so maddening because it feels as though your dreams are always eluding you into the future of  “one day” this will be true… yet you slowly begin losing belief.

Here is the thing… I totally get it.. Trust me I do.

This negative mind chatter is literally keeping you from your big dreams.

All of the high level successful entrepreneurs talk about their morning routine and habits are imperative to their success.

I find this to be true for myself and clients as well. It will literally change your life and when you get a few habits consistently in place.

Suddenly making money and creating new lucrative business ideas becomes easier and  fun.   We are so programmed to “work hard” and “earn” our money  that we literally sabotage ourselves making creating and upleveling much harder than it needs to be.

The paradigm and way of doing business has been steadily changing. Getting a handle on your mindset and money rituals is a game changer and in my opinion a non negotiable part of my work day.

We are all creative beings and it’s time to take back the reins of your life experience and rewrite the script of that which you want to experience. People will often use the excuse “I don’t have time”… I have to at certain times in my life (no pun intended 🙂  It can feel or even be true for you in that moment, however once you own that you created that limitations, you are able to create a different story.

I am here to tell you that you do not have TIME not to.

In fact, this practice will save you time, energy, stress and make you more money so you can enjoy the freedom and experience  I know your soul craves.

I consider this morning routine an essential part of my life and business because it sets me up for success and  allows me to take aligned and inspired action yielding better results in less time. It also unlocks the floodgate of Divinely Inspired Downloads that make business fun and impactful.

Creating these habits and upleveling your mindset is necessary to bring your dreams into fruition. I had one if those Divine Downloads this past Sunday doing this exact process. I am thrilled to share this ridiculously low cost, no brainer, heck YES, I want that invitation to you.

This is for you ….

  • If you have struggled with creating the next level vision or money goals in your business and you want to uplevel in a way that is easier and fun.
  • If you know your limiting beliefs, fears or mind chatter is holding you back.
  • If you know that a morning routine is important yet struggle with being consistent and prioritizing this habit..or maybe you don’t really know where to start

I Invite you to “Elevate Your Soul Success ~ A 21 day journey to align with your next level goals

I am introducing this to you for the intro price of $47 until this Sunday only… It begins next week on June 28th. (When you click here, you’ll also see that there are two VIP options to really uplevel and align to your soul success.)

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I am bold.

I am bold.
I am beautiful.
I am worthy.
I am authentic.
I am powerful.
I am a messenger of love, light and truth.

What if this is what you told yourself everyday……and believed it?

How might you show up differently in your business and life if you lived and took action from  these TRUTHS?

These are powerful questions to ask yourself often. A continued claiming of who you are in truth, is so empowering.  The entrepreneurial journey is one that takes COURAGE and COMMITMENT.  

It will trigger your most deep seated insecurities.  It is essential that we keep watch for these lies your mind tells you that keep you small and separate from your dreams and heart’s desires and debunk them quickly.

Your message MATTERS

You ARE a gift and  a powerful creator

The world needs your gifts and message. Let your magic shine sister.  The world is waiting to see you SHINE like the STAR you are!

What are  you claiming today?

Share in the comments below… I would love to celebrate you for being YOU!

If this message resonated and inspired you, share the love. You never know who you might touch today 🙂



P.S. If you are looking for a community of like-minded sisters to help you stay aligned and inspired to rise to the next level of leadership, I’d love to invite you to our FB community, Soul Success Circle with Jen Gilchrist.  Click here to join.


Today is the day I put my foot down…

“Today is the day I put my foot down and stake my claim and commitment! “

…But then very quickly that little gremlin voice in your head says, “Yeah, right! What makes you think today is so different.. You have said this before….then nothing really changed”

That angered me because on the one hand I was like ….WTF….I worked my ass off… I’ve shown up…..I’ve invested time and time again!!!

And then there’s that little pang in my side that says, “Ya BUT…what about today, yesterday ….or last week when you were just spinning your wheels in some cases for months!!”

There was that part of me that was angry and even saddened because I felt what the voice in my head was saying was true.

The truth is, we as purpose driven entrepreneurs and soul inspired leaders are in a constant state of evolution and growth.

We move through cycles and stages so fast that we forget to honor and celebrate how far we’ve come.

Would you agree?

I invite you to take a moment to celebrate yourself for your courage, your commitment and all the things you have done…been…or created.

This is essential when you are feeling defeated stuck and overwhelmed. Find the proof that you are amazing, gifted and committed to showing up the F’ up int world as your Bold, Inspired, Shining, Authentic Self to share your unique message and gifts.

Now is the time to re-commit even more deeply. Take a deep breathe…..pull the big girl panties up :)…..and stake a claim and commit to yourself to show…. Not tomorrow or the next day ..right NOW.

What can you do right now to move through the place of complacency or stuckness?

What can you do to show up, shine and been seen for sharing your gifts today?

Because, really… What are you afraid of?

I promise you that succumbing to your fears is much worse then anything that can happen to you for showing up!

The feeling of not living in alignment with your purpose is far more painful and empty then any amount of fear you have. When that statement resonates as true for you.. YOU WILL SHOW UP FULLY.

Get the support you need…join in community of courageous, heart- centered entrepreneurs who get who you are…understand what you are going through…. who will lift you up when you are feeling down…. And reflect your gifts and light back to you, so you can keep on moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

I see you…

You are amazing, gifted, talented, beautiful just as you are!

The world need your unique message and gifts!

Your time to rise and shine is NOW!

Share in the comments what you are claiming, celebrating.

How are you are committed to taking aligned action to be seen and showing up today?

If you have other sisters that would benefit from this message, please share it out.

Big hugs,

PS. If you know it’s your time to Rise and Shine, yet feel like you aren’t being seen in the marketplace by your soul-aligned clients or are feeling stuck and confused on how to take your business to the next level….I invite you to schedule a time for us to chat if you are ready to get your message out to wider audiences. I have 2 spaces for one-on-one 6 month mentorship in my Soul Success Unleashed program.


NOW is the time for action! {Angel Card Reading}

I know many of you who watch my weekly readings have been clearing space and gaining clarity on various situations in your life, and you’ve maybe even reached out for heaven’s help.  NOW though, it’s time to take action.


And even though that’s true, I also know that sometimes we want to wait til we have all the information before we take action…


But you can’t do that!


In fact, the very first card I pull in this week’s Angel Card Reading is all about getting out of your own way and taking the next step even when you can’t see or don’t understand the full picture!


Watch the video below to hear more…


And if this is a message that resonates with you, I’d love for you to chime in below with any aha’s or insights you received from watching. 🙂


Jen Gilchrist


PS:  Want to connect with our heart centered entrepreneurs? Come join us in the Soul Success Circle fb community: My intention for this group is to create space for Soul Inspired Female Entrepreneurs to create success that is fully aligned with their unique soul gifts and purpose, and I’d love to see you there!


“There is nothing to worry about…” {Angel Card Reading}

🌷 “There is nothing to worry about…” 🌷

Your mindset is such an important thing to pay attention to, because as they say “thoughts become things”.  And perspective is *everything*.

Check out this week’s Angel Card Reading in the video here where the second card I pull is all about handing over your worry, learning to trust that you’re on the right path, and changing your mindset as needed.

As always, I’d love for you to chime in with a comment under the video with any aha’s or insights you received from watching… I love hearing from you each week!

Also, if you want to connect with our heart centered entrepreneurs, I’d alos love for you to come join us in the Soul Success Circle fb community: My intention for this group is to create space for Soul Inspired Female Entrepreneurs to create success that is fully aligned with their unique soul gifts and purpose, and I’d love to see you there!


Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Mentor & Speaker

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Do you ever feel “overcome” by the emotions of those around you?


Do you ever feel “overcome” by the emotions of those around you as a sensitive or empathic woman?


This topic came up in a workshop I was leading recently and I felt compelled to share more about this. Essentially, it’s how to not be “overcome” by the emotions and feelings of others. There is much to say about this topic, as I see many people struggle with this everyday. I know that this sense of being energetically overwhelmed with the emotions of others can feel confusing and at times debilitating. I lived this way a long time and didn’t even know it.  


This idea of not “matching” the energy around you is really powerful to understand… meaning how can you walk through life and thrive as a highly sensitive or empathic person and not feel victim to the chaos and emotions of others.


The first step is awareness of what you are feeling. Often times, the tendency is to numb or avoid feeling the pain at all.  Other times, you may be hyper-aware that you are indeed taking on or “matching” the energy or emotion of someone around you…or the world for that matter.  Once we are in this space, we are no longer in a position to actually allow for transformation or healing to occur, and have in essence given up our power to this situation.  


Once this happens, often people unconsciously move from compassion to pity, which also does not serve anyone.  In fact, it is really robbing both parties of their true power.  When we are in our power, grounded and allowing our divinity to shine through us, we can have true loving compassion for another and hold space for them to move into a place of healing because we can acknowledge and see their  divinity. This validation and acknowledgment empowers them to remember who they are in spiritual truth.


When we move into pity, we are in essence, validating that they are not capable deal with what is going on for them… and in that moment,  not honoring their divine nature. This in effect, does not allow for the healing to occur. Instead, it keeps both people stuck and feeling victimized by their emotions.  


I know this can feel easier said than done at times. However, speaking from experience, there are some simple yet powerful tools that can help you thrive in the chaos of the intense feelings and emotions as a sensitive and empathic person.  


I am leading a free webinar “Energetic Mastery 101 for Sensitive and Spiritual Women” this coming Thursday, February 16th at 10 am PST.  I do hope you will join so you can feel empowered by your sensitivities and gifts.

em101 for fb





PS: I will be emailing out a replay for those who can’t make it live, so be sure to register either way!