How to refuel your own “Love Cup”

What message does my soul have for me today?

This is one of the questions I ask myself, most days, in my own morning routine to help me stay aligned and happy in my life and business. This is a powerful question for you to ask yourself too.

The cool benefit is that it also provides me great insights that can help all of you, in my soul aligned community too! The messages tend to be very synchronistic and inspiring for others which makes it extra fun!

I am all about the win-win.

Today’s message from my soul was this:

“Celebrate yourself along the way and give yourself what YOU need. I mean,really sit down and give yourself a pat on the back.”

From that came a quick download of an activity to do in my journaling to get me aligned, high vibe and in a space of receiving. As entrepreneurs,it is so easy to give, give, give your heart, soul, time and energy forgetting to refuel your own “Love Cup” as I like to say <3

This may seem simple and things  you have already possibly heard of….but are you doing it?  

Step 1: List 10 things you appreciate about YOU

Step 2:  List 10 things you are celebrating

Step 3: List 10 things you are grateful for

Step 4: What can you do to symbolize this celebration of YOU? Ask your body and soul what you truly desire that will nourish you in this moment.

Step 5: Commit to doing what  your body and soul desires. Even if it means scheduling it your calendar for a day this week

Take 5 – 10 minutes to do this exercise, literally it took me under 10 minutes and shifted me into feeling amazing, aligned an in FLOW.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

We are all conscious creators of our own experience and tending to our body and souls desires is an essential key to staying in alignment and receiving all that you are asking for!

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In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist

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Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018? {Angel Card Reading is ready!}

YAY… Your weekly Angel Card Reading full of Intuitive Insights and Inspiration for the week of January 8th – 13th is now available!
It is time to Come out of the Closet….. and take charge of this situation? Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018?
If this resonates for you, listen in below. There was lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom and loving kick in the you-know-what to do to get more visible with your message and purpose work.

Let me know how this resonates for you by chiming in with a comment below!
In Abundance,

Are you feeling fear, doubt or procrastination creeping in?

Our final Angel Card Reading of 2017 is here…
Are you feeling fear, doubt or procrastination creeping in?
Trust your guidance and take action on your ideas!
Watch this week’s video to hear more…😇

In abundance,
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A reminder to allow yourself to be supported! {Angel Card Reading}

I chose to do this week’s Angel Card Reading LIVE here on FB, and I’m so excited to share it with you today!

I know that we can get really overwhelmed during the holiday season going here and there and doing all of the things that need to get done.

If this describes you, definitely hit PLAY because the very first card I pull is a great reminder for all of us to ask for support ~ in our business, in our personal lives, or from our spiritual support team ~ during this holiday season.

I also pull a few other cards, too, so hit play below and then chime in below letting me know which cards most resonated with you!



In Abundance,


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I have 3 exciting things to share with you… YAY!

I’ve got three exciting annoncements for you today…

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#2 – Watch this week’s Angel Card Reading!

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I am excited to share that next week starts the  ✨Step Confidently Into Your Soul Inspired Leader Power ✨ 5-day Challenge.

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And that’s it for today’s announcements!

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Speaker, Soul Alignment and Success Mentor


You are enough.

You are enough.


Just as you are ….perfectly imperfect.

You are enough.

Quiet the mind to listen to the small still voice within you that says…I Love You.

You are Beautiful.
You are Brave.
You are Loved.
You are Enough.


Take a moment… close your eyes, place your hands on your heart, take a nice deep breathe and feel these words deep in your core. Receive these words fully…


You are enough.










It might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)…

Often times when we’re upleveling in our lives or business, we may find that the things around us are no longer working… which can leave us feeling anything but peaceful!

Can you relate?

If so, it might be time for a peace offering (to yourself!)

It can require courage to release resistance and can allow for a space of gratitude and forgiveness.  One way to do a peace offering is by calling on your spiritual support team and allowing divine guidance to come in and support you!

Check out this week’s Angel Card Reading in the video here to hear what the cards have to say about peace offerings, forgiveness and more… This week’s reading is really to support business owners who may be feeling called to change their patterns or uplevel in new ways!

And as always, I’d love to hear from you once you’ve watched…

Which card resonated with you most? Chime in with a comment here!

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Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Speaker & Mentor


Do you ever feel “overcome” by the emotions of those around you?


Do you ever feel “overcome” by the emotions of those around you as a sensitive or empathic woman?


This topic came up in a workshop I was leading recently and I felt compelled to share more about this. Essentially, it’s how to not be “overcome” by the emotions and feelings of others. There is much to say about this topic, as I see many people struggle with this everyday. I know that this sense of being energetically overwhelmed with the emotions of others can feel confusing and at times debilitating. I lived this way a long time and didn’t even know it.  


This idea of not “matching” the energy around you is really powerful to understand… meaning how can you walk through life and thrive as a highly sensitive or empathic person and not feel victim to the chaos and emotions of others.


The first step is awareness of what you are feeling. Often times, the tendency is to numb or avoid feeling the pain at all.  Other times, you may be hyper-aware that you are indeed taking on or “matching” the energy or emotion of someone around you…or the world for that matter.  Once we are in this space, we are no longer in a position to actually allow for transformation or healing to occur, and have in essence given up our power to this situation.  


Once this happens, often people unconsciously move from compassion to pity, which also does not serve anyone.  In fact, it is really robbing both parties of their true power.  When we are in our power, grounded and allowing our divinity to shine through us, we can have true loving compassion for another and hold space for them to move into a place of healing because we can acknowledge and see their  divinity. This validation and acknowledgment empowers them to remember who they are in spiritual truth.


When we move into pity, we are in essence, validating that they are not capable deal with what is going on for them… and in that moment,  not honoring their divine nature. This in effect, does not allow for the healing to occur. Instead, it keeps both people stuck and feeling victimized by their emotions.  


I know this can feel easier said than done at times. However, speaking from experience, there are some simple yet powerful tools that can help you thrive in the chaos of the intense feelings and emotions as a sensitive and empathic person.  


I am leading a free webinar “Energetic Mastery 101 for Sensitive and Spiritual Women” this coming Thursday, February 16th at 10 am PST.  I do hope you will join so you can feel empowered by your sensitivities and gifts.

em101 for fb





PS: I will be emailing out a replay for those who can’t make it live, so be sure to register either way!  


Are you feeling frustrated or discouraged?

So often we have intentions and visions for our businesses, and the outward manifestation of it doesn’t look like we want it too…


… which can lead us feeling frustrated, disappointed and discouraged.


Can you relate?


If this is how you’ve been feeling lately, I encourage you to watch this week’s Angel Card Reading. The very first card I pull is about not giving up before the miracle occurs, and my hope is that by watching this video, it’ll inspire you to *keep going*.





And then chime in with a comment once you’ve had a chance to watch letting me know which of the cards pulled spoke to you the most. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



Feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed? See what wisdom Archangel Michael shared when we had a heart to heart talk.

my-heart-to-heart-with-arch-angel-michaelYou know that feeling when you feel stuck, frustrated about what to do next whether it’s in your business or life choices???  I can so relate.….It’s down right painful and very quickly takes the wind out of your sails.

Have you ever felt this way?  

It’s like, any project you do begins to feel like trudging through molasses and you begin to lose inspiration.. hope and the energy to keep on going. Of course, as a soul inspired being you know you won’t really give up… but you feel defeated in the moment, nonetheless.

I have been getting the nudge to write and journal for awhile now, and though I know it’s a very useful tool, I resisted doing it. I had all kinds of good “excuses”, but the bottom line is I wasn’t prioritizing it and I wasn’t sure why I was avoiding it.

So today, I decided enough is enough… I had several intuitive messages to “just flipping write already and quit with the excuses”.

So I did.

I started with just free flow writing, blurting out my frustrations…..and then I wrote something that I did NOT expect…

“I feel overwhelmed with all the choices and DEBT, I want to be debt free!” 

Then I paused feeling  curious….huh?

Then I felt a tremendous charge of emotion in my heart and I breathed deeply into it and felt a huge sense of relief.

Now, this “process” is not new to me, in fact I teach this to all my clients, but in this moment I embodied it and WOW what a wonderful shift.

Immediately after, Archangel Michael’s response to this was this…

“Release it all child, Financial debt, Karmic debt, Emotional debt…. You don’t “owe” anybody anything.. You only owe yourself to honor your Feelings, Desires and Dreams….THEN others can honor you as you honor yourself.”

It felt so profound in the moment. There is such a difference in knowing something to be true versus feeling and embodying it. So much power and healing lies in that moment.

We went on to have more conversation about my next aligned action steps. This is what it takes sometimes to reconnect with your divine guidance and really hear  and deeply feel the voice of your soul. We all need to step back sometimes and go back to the basics to find our alignment..and always remember you are not alone <3

I felt inspired to share this with you. I would love to hear your comments below.