Set yourself up for success with your morning routine!

I did a Facebook Live today that I want to make sure you saw…

When you watch, you’ll hear me share my Morning Routine, which I believe is an essential foundation that allows me to create my business and sustain my success.

Check it out below…

Set Yourself up for Success with Your Morning Routine.

We all have the power to manifest the life and business we dream of. Now is the perfect time to harness the momentum of your mission in 2018.

In the replay I also answer a question from my group about how to keep moving forward when you are overwhelmed with which next step to take and stressed out not knowing the exact steps yet.

Catch the replay above!

In Abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Aligned Success Mentor & Speaker

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Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018? {Angel Card Reading is ready!}

YAY… Your weekly Angel Card Reading full of Intuitive Insights and Inspiration for the week of January 8th – 13th is now available!
It is time to Come out of the Closet….. and take charge of this situation? Are you ready to maximize your missions momentum for 2018?
If this resonates for you, listen in below. There was lots of juicy nuggets of wisdom and loving kick in the you-know-what to do to get more visible with your message and purpose work.

Let me know how this resonates for you by chiming in with a comment below!
In Abundance,

Is it time to come out of hiding?

Have you been hiding parts of your TRUE self?

Do you feel frustrated that you have been busy doing “all the things” and yet….. Not seeing the results you desire for your soul’s work?

Perhaps you are beating yourself up for breaking your promise to yourself over and over again about getting more visible online?

Are you are fed up with standing in your own way and ready to finally get the momentum rolling in 2018….yet a little part of you fears you may let yourself down again?

I can completely relate to this inner battle with knowing you have amazing gifts to share with the world and yet still floundering with self sabotage in one form or another..  

You know you won’t really give up….

But you are tired weary and frankly just OVER your business not generating profit and impact in the big way you know you are meant for.

If this feels like you, I have got you covered!

I know this all too well. I spent many years in “hiding” my spiritual gifts..  You see, I was so afraid of being judged and even shunned from those I love dearly, that I wasn’t truly showing up in the world with ALL of me. I was hiding my psychic, healer, angel card reading WooWoo AF self.

Instead I showed up in “safe” way that I thought would not rock the boat with the rest of the world, which clearly is an unnatural and impossible task. (haha)

The result was a lot of LACK.

Lack of Alignment
Lack of Joy
Lack of Abundance
Lack of Fulfilment
Lack of Impact
Lack of Purpose

I had a download this morning while journaling….  I have been feeling a shift coming for awhile in my offerings but hadn’t quite got the clear aligned idea until today!

I am so excited to introduce…

Time to Come Out of Hiding ~ Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Paid
6 Week Transformational Intensive

[See the full details here.]

This one-on-one program is designed to clear out the self sabotage in all areas of your life, so that you can thrive in your soul inspired business and life. For me it was coming out of the spiritual closet, but for you it may be a different story. The underlying fear and self sabotage you are experiencing is what we are going to deep dive into clearing so that you can gain massive momentum in your business success for 2018 (and beyond).  As a psychic, energy healer and Akashic reader, I have many tools to support you in clearing your blind spots.

One of my superpowers is to see YOU, your soul self and highest potential, while also seeing intuitively exactly where you are stuck. This creates space and awakens awareness for you to embody and live your next level YOU now!

I hope you’ll consider starting 2018 with this transformational program.  I would love to support you in finally being seen, paid and heard for your unique gifts in the world!

In Abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Success Speaker & Mentor


A reminder to allow yourself to be supported! {Angel Card Reading}

I chose to do this week’s Angel Card Reading LIVE here on FB, and I’m so excited to share it with you today!

I know that we can get really overwhelmed during the holiday season going here and there and doing all of the things that need to get done.

If this describes you, definitely hit PLAY because the very first card I pull is a great reminder for all of us to ask for support ~ in our business, in our personal lives, or from our spiritual support team ~ during this holiday season.

I also pull a few other cards, too, so hit play below and then chime in below letting me know which cards most resonated with you!



In Abundance,


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Also, I also have two spaces for 4 month private coaching packages… If you’re looking for one-on-one support in early 2018 connect with me here and I’m happy to share more details.

A note for spiritual entrepreneurs…

Being an entrepreneur and having important work you want to share with the world triggers lots of fear sometimes.

And then this fear can turn into procrastination, self doubt, feeling frozen and staying stuck…

But I say it’s time to change those old patterns… And I’m on a mission to help women move through their glass ceiling to their own personal next level of success!

If you are tired of feeling invisible in the marketplace (online and offline!) I want to support you.

Please consider joining me and the incredible women who have already signed up for the Soul Inspired Leader Mastermind.

This is an intimate group program where you will

… Discover how to craft your authentic marketing message so you can speak in a clear and compelling way that is TRUE to YOU.

… Create or uplevel your current business foundations to align with your unique gifts and message.

… And ground your transformational soulful message into tangible marketing framework and strategies so that soul aligned clients and community are magnetized to you​​​​​​​.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if in 11 weeks you find yourself feeling elated with joy, knowing you are truly aligning and sharing your message and fulfilling your purpose?!

If you feel called to join us, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

And if you have any Qs, feel free to email me at jen (at)

Worried about something? Watch THIS!

Jen here, popping BY with this week’s Angel Card Reading for you…

If you’ve been worried about anything in your life or business lately, the very first card I pull might resonate with you!

Check it out here.

When you watch, you’ll also hear me invite you to a 🌟FREE MASTERCLASS for Spiritual Entrepreneurs🌟 that I’m hosting this week…

During this free Masterclass, we’ll discuss 5 essential elements transformational leaders can use to leverage their gifts create massive impact and income 🔥WITHOUT BURNING OUT! 🔥

It’s happening this Thursday, November 9th @ 10am Pacific… 📅

Sign up here.

I hope you’ll carve out time to join me for this exclusive Masterclass!

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Speaker, Soul Alignment and Success Mentor


Are your ‘sensitives’ overwhelming you and keeping you hidden in your business?

Are your ‘sensitives’ overwhelming you and keeping you hidden in your business?

If so, I totally understand!

I wanted to share with you a few essential ways to help you get visible as a highly sensitive or empathic entrepreneur without burning out.

I have noticed for myself and with my clients, as a highly sensitive and empathic entrepreneurs, it is easy to unconsciously have our foot on the pedal and the brake sabotaging our success and ability to be seen by our clients. This also limits our ability to attract larger opportunities to be invited to speak on stages, podcasts and other ways that could allow us to get our message out in a big way.

I have come to learn that a lot of this is due to ‘energetic overwhelm’.

Here are 3 ways to support you in being seen and heard and attract your soul aligned community.

  1. Balance and Self care ~ This is essential to sustain and grow your success, without burning out. I suggest to add in more spaciousness and body pampering especially while launching or expanding a lot of energy while speaking, or 3 day events in order to keep your energy high and clear.
  2. Energetic Mastery ~ Just like we take a shower everyday, we need to cleanse our energy and learn to master our energetic field. There is so much to say on this topic. Embodying your energy not only allows you to be magnetic when you are speaking, but it also allows the space for you to stay in connection with sharing from your higher connection of divine wisdom and truth.
  3. Boundaries ~ Just as I spoke of energetic boundaries, we must prioritize and focus our attention and energy on what we are creating.  Notice what you are putting on your calendar and spending your time and energy on. Are you responding to the ‘shoulds’ or  expectations of others? Give yourself permission to spend your time on what your needs and desires are.

Where your attention goes…energy flows!

This is such an essential topic that I created an entire program around it called Energetic Mastery for sensitive and spiritual entrepreneurs which I’m offering as a BONUS for the women who are enrolling the Soul Inspired Leaders Mastermind.

I am slo adding in 2 bonus calls around how to own the energy of a room while speaking on stage or videos (instead of the energy owning you) as well as how to tune in and support your products and programs in manifesting with more ease and alignment.

Visit to see the full Soul Inspired Leader Mastermind details and sign up to receive Energetic Mastery as an exciting bonus when you register!


Do you “see” yourself speaking on Big Stages?

Do you “see” yourself speaking on Big Stages?

Me, too!

In fact, I know deep down in my core, it’s what I’m being led to do.

These Big Visions feel both exhilarating and daunting, at the same time.

Can you relate?

For most my life, public speaking was literally my greatest fear.

I remember freezing up in grade school, suddenly forgetting what I was going to say and feeling the uncomfortable deadpan stare from other kids.

This went on into high school. I was a shy honors student, and was able to convince my teachers, to let me give my presentation, to them alone, after school!

Heck, for almost 2 years, I couldn’t even join a networking group to further my business, because I was too afraid to stand and share even one sentence about myself or business.

Do you feel me? Some of you know exactly what I am talking about!

Yet, every time I look into my future and my heart, I’m confidently speaking on Big Stages.

I will never forget that ONE Michael Franti concert that changed everything for me.


I was in the very front row dancing and having a good time, enjoying the high vibe energy of his music, when suddenly a bouncer pointed at me and a guy next to me who I didn’t know, and directed us both to go out through a nearby gate.

At first, I thought I was mistakenly in trouble, as people all around us were “smoking”, but before you know it, I was ushered up on stage, to dance it out with Michael, for the entire closing song!!

It was incredible!

I felt massive waves of love and appreciation washing over us on the stage.

I remember looking out upon the sea of people and noticing that my childhood fears were not true for me anymore.

I realized that when you’re in front of your soul-aligned community, so much love is being exchanged.

I allowed myself to open my heart and receive the power of the energy. I was literally watching and feeling the love beaming back and forth from the stage, to the audience and then back to the stage, like an infinity symbol.

It was a profound shift, and taught me so much about feeling safe authentically sharing my gifts, as well as, the importance and power of all of us feeling the “call” to stand in, what I like to call, “Soul Inspired Leader Power”.

The amount of love and healing was off the charts and this experience melted away so many layers of my earlier resistance! It inspired me to accept the fear and authentically show up anyway!

I’m excited to share this with those of you who feel this calling inside of you to speak, write and/or lead a collective movement with your message.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me in my, free 5-day, “Step Confidently in Your Soul Inspired Leader Power“, Facebook challenge.


I know how frustrating it can be, to know so strongly that you have a powerful message to share, and feel like you’re not yet being seen or heard.

I can fully relate to these visibility fears that arise, as you step up in your leadership.

This challenge is for spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and sacred messengers, who are ready to magnetize their soul-aligned community and create a collective movement with their unique gifts and message. I look forward to supporting you and your next steps.

Register for free here:






I have 3 exciting things to share with you… YAY!

I’ve got three exciting annoncements for you today…

#1 – Join me for Wise Woman Wednesday inside the Flow Foodie FB Group!

I am super excited to be teaching a 30 minute mini masterclass, How to Tune Into Your Bodies Wisdom to Elevate and Sustain your Business and Life Success. Join us in my friend and colleague Alaya Bash’s “Flow Foodie” FB group tomorrow, October 18th at 12 pm Pacific/ 3 pm Eastern to hear me share about…

… Why listening and fueling your body is an essential foundation for HSP and empaths to elevate and sustain success.
… Learn my TLC body mediation to tap into your innate wisdom
… Energy Clearing and group reading with Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of healing

I have personally gained so much valuable support and information from Alaya around intuitive nutritional eating and I know you will too… Go here to join the group.

#2 – Watch this week’s Angel Card Reading!

This week’s Angel Card Reading is now available here… If you’re ready to receive gifts and guidance to support you in your life and business, the very first card I pull is for you, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes right now to head over to my Facebook page to watch it.  And of course, leave a comment under the video with any aha’s and insights you receive when watching.

#3 – The Soul Inspired Leader Power Challenge starts next Monday!

I am excited to share that next week starts the  ✨Step Confidently Into Your Soul Inspired Leader Power ✨ 5-day Challenge.

As a reminder, this challenge is for spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and messengers, who are ready to magnetize their soul aligned community and create a collective movement with their unique gifts and message. Go here to sign up!

And that’s it for today’s announcements!

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Speaker, Soul Alignment and Success Mentor


Are you in self-sabatoge mode?

I am getting a few straggling things of my To Do list, but not really doing jack sh** in profit producing activities.

I’m not even clear on activities to do to get to my goals… so instead end up feeling defeated and overwhelmed… spinning in confusion, mindlessly scroll FB or stay busy in Busy work…then immediately feel guilty, dissatisfied and unproductive…ughhhh.

I am a bad, lazy entrepreneur!

These are all things that our self loathing and punishing gremlin voice creeps in and says to us… sound familiar?

I can totally relate… Can you?

I hit those “lulls” from time to time  and it does not feel good at all and definitely does not get any inspiration flowing…am I right?

The thing is this self sabotaging cycle is repeating itself in different forms leading to the some result…or lack thereof.

Here is a tool I use to kick my own tush into alignment and forward movement when I am feeling stuck.

First, set your intention to get yourself into highest alignment and healing and not self judgement.

I suggest making 2 lists of attributes, feelings, behaviors and patterns.

The first column is your  “Self Sabotage Mode” you know when you are procrastinating, staying up late sleeping in and missing morning routine, resistance to taking action, feeling guilty or negative self talk… those kinds of things.  

The other column next to it is who are when you show up as your Aligned Self expressing your highest potential…acting from a space of  self love  and in inspired action.

Try to come up with at least 10 in each column.

Now take an honest assessment….. Where will you be in a year, or even 6 months, if you lead your business and life mostly from column A. Write it down underneath your list.

Then look at  Column B and right down the outcome there as well.  

Consider how you will feel as well as the tangible results.  

Now you get to choose and commit to how you want to show up in your business and life.  

Create a declaration to yourself as to who you choose to Be, Why and how you will Feel .   

There is something powerful to claiming it and naming it.  Awareness of when our sneaky self sabotaging cycles arise is key in nipping it. It gives us opportunity to go deeper and heal what is really going on so we can show up in a way our future self will thank us for.

Bonus Tip….Ask your future self what next step you can take today to be in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

Soul Success is a series of aligned choices.

If you are a purpose driven entrepreneur who is tired of not being seen and heard by those you are meant to serve and are ready to Uplevel your business and life success in a way that feels fun and true to who you are…

If you know you are meant to share a big message with the world and are ready to experience the joy and freedom based lifestyle of time, energy and money…

If you know it’s time to invest in a mentor to support you in your business so you can make the impact and income your heart desires…. without burning out.

I would love to offer you a 30 min Soul Success Strategy call where you can get clear and share your business vision and where you want to be in 6 months.

I’m excited to get to know each other and see if I am good fit to support you in reaching your next level goals with my Soul Success Unleashed  one on one 6 month mentoring program. I have 5 spots available for this VIP experience.

If you are shaking  your head “Yes”,  I’m super excited to serve in sharing your message with the masses on your terms, while making money doing what you love.  Let’s get you out of confusion and into aligned action sharing your unique gifts in the world so you can experience new levels of freedom in time, energy and money.  You truly can have it all!

Email me at to apply.