Claim it

Start where you are…..It’s the only place you can move forward from.  

Sounds obvious….right?  Yet, sometimes we resist this and want to skip ahead.

Yes, it’s so important to tune into that larger vision of…

How you want to show up in the world
Who you want to serve
What kind of impact your heart and soul desries to make

Yes, that is crucial to be connected to your larger vision and your “why”

It’s also equally essential to  Love, Honor and Accept where you are today, right now in this moment.

Appreciate and accept the parts of your journey that may feel or look as though it “falls short” from where you want to be.

That energy and perspective is what will keep you stuck and unable to step into the life and leadership you see is possible and desire…. that souls calling inside of you.

Use this powerful eclipse and retrograde energy to go within and release whats no longer serving you.  

See all the chaos and mayhem going on outside of you as well as within you as a powerful opportunity for growth and expansion.

Use this time and space to re-commit deeply to the life you wish to lead.

Who you want to Be
How you want to Show up in the World
How you want to be Seen and Received

Be willing to sit in the uncomfortable that are bubbling up within you as a catalyst for the breakthrough you have been working towards..and asking for.

Power is in appreciation
Power is in acceptance
Power is in the present
Power is within YOU!

Claim it!

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Inspired Success Mentor & Speaker

PS: If you are a Soul Inspired Leader who is feeling the call to step into your next level of success and leadership, I invite you to join me on the solar eclipse/new moon on Monday, August 21st at 2 pm PST over in my facebook group at  Let’s claim our space and rise together in setting forth a powerful intention of aligning with your power and soul inspired leadership.




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