Elevate Your Mindset for Soul Success – Day 14


:: Welcome to Day 14 ::


Today we are going to give you a little TLC!

I love this acronym I created for my TLC body meditation. It works wonderfully coupled with journaling. Today’s exercise is really about getting you into clear communication with your body’s needs.

Taking care of your body does a number of powerful things for you. Will help you raise your vibration so that your manifestations come to you more quickly, it will open up your awareness of your intuition, and will help you have more clarity focus and energy throughout your day.

So I ask you begin to tune in today you can start by placing your hand on your heart and your belly and taking a few nice deep breathes in. Once you feel centered, going to start with T which stands for talk to your body. As you quiet down you may notice tension or an emotion that you didn’t previously recognize. Or possibly you knew you were feeling stressed out,  in which case that’s a perfect place to start.

The next step is L which stands for listen to your body.  Without trying to make too much sense of it, notice what thoughts, feelings,ideas, or visions come to you when you focus on the area of your body that’s calling your attention.

The last step is C for  commit… Commit to your bodies needs…put it on the calendar and take action.



:: Meditation ::

Click here to download from Dropbox.

Here is a short guided morning meditation to help you tune in and set the tone for  your day and your journaling session. Feel free to use your own mediation practice if you prefer.


:: Journaling Prompt – Day 14 ::

Take some time to journal this process. Whether you choose to do it at the end of the entire meditation, or if you choose to do it at each step along the way. Remember not to filter or try to make too much sense of it just simply notice what your body’s needs are and commit to that TLC by taking action today.



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