Elevate Your Mindset for Soul Success – Day 15


:: Welcome to Day 15 ::


Today’s going to be about tuning into the energy of fun, play or joy…. Whatever vibration speaks most to your soul right now.When you incorporate more play, fun and joy into  your  life and business you’re automatically going to attract more things that bring that feeling into your experience. Abundance in all areas of your life  is a natural byproduct of being in alignment and when you are in alignment you will feel joy and pleasure. So really….you actually make more money and experience more fulfillment when you are allowing yourself to enjoy life, let loose and play.  This is also how you can create space for new creative ideas and downloads to come rushing in because it gets you out of your head and into your heart.



:: Meditation ::

Click here to download from Dropbox.

Here is a short guided morning meditation to help you tune in and set the tone for  your day and your journaling session. Feel free to use your own mediation practice if you prefer.


:: Journaling Prompt – Day 15 ::

Here are some questions to get you started on your free flow journaling.

If I were to approach my day with my main focus to have more fun (joy or play), what would I do?

How can I bring more joy (play or fun) to my business? (You can choose any area as a focus that you are not enjoying, even topics like paying the bills)

Take a moment at the end and really feel and visualize the energy and activity your journaled about ….really embody the essence. Then of course put it on your calendar to do!  Success comes from taking the aligned and inspired action consistently.


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