Elevate Your Mindset for Soul Success – Day 19


:: Welcome to Day 19 ::


Are you prioritizing your desires? You must act as if you are the person who is already living that dream and make choices and take action based from that perspective and energy.

I have talked a lot about the importance of taking the aligned action.  While I do believe the inner game pieces of clarity, alignment and allowing yourself to receive are imperative and the bulk of the “work”. You must take the aligned and inspired action or nothing much will change.



:: Meditation ::

Click here to download from Dropbox.

Here is a short guided morning meditation to help you tune in and set the tone for  your day and your journaling session. Feel free to use your own mediation practice if you prefer.


:: Journaling Prompt – Day 19 ::

Today I am going to ask you to get honest.  After you take a moment to tune in, think about something you are creating that isn’t materializing as fast as you would like.  Write out the intention in present tense as if  you were experiencing it. (side note: I know this is repetitious to journal your desires in present tense, but that is how you get it in your entire space mental, physical, emotional and energetic space and create new beliefs and neural pathways so it can come into your life. As well, as uncover the negative mind chatter and beliefs holding you apart from your desires)

Once you have journaled your intention,  take another sheet of paper and write without filter all the reasons you believe or feel that you can not create  what you want.  Let it all out. You can reframe those beliefs if you choose. It’s always good to note what you find out that you actually believe that is working against you especially if it’s deeply engrained.  Or you can simply throw it away, burn it or whatever. Sometimes just the awareness of those fears and lies will allow it to shift and move into action. Next, get out another sheet of paper and look at your initial intention you journaled and tune in and ask yourself, “ What next steps can I take today?”  What do I need to prioritize in my life to make room for this to come to fruition?”


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