Elevate Your Mindset for Soul Success – Day 2


:: Welcome to Day 2 ::


The first step is really having the awareness of those little voices in our minds that tell us we cannot have something that we want… Or maybe it says that selfish… Or it’s too expensive… what will people think of me… Creating a business or money is hard… The list is endless.

In the beginning, you may even want to have a small notepad in your purse with you or in your car to write down in the moment when you notice yourself having these types of arguments or limitations or fear in your mind or in conversations with other people.

Now, we really want to focus more on our desires and how we want to feel and what we want to create more then those things we don’t want.  However, it’s imperative that we understand our beliefs and start watching our mind like a hawk to see where we are limiting ourselves and fighting for our fears.

Be gentle with yourself in this process. It’s important not to judge yourself by feeling like you “should” already be over this block, since you addressed it many times. The truth is sometimes they keep coming back into your awareness to show you what needs attention and shifting.  This allows for deeper and deeper layers of healing creating ownership to truly take your  power back. I invite you to step into it with a level of curiosity and compassion. We cannot transform or create that which we resist or judge.


:: Meditation ::

Click here to download from Dropbox.

Here is a short guided morning meditation to help you tune in and set the tone for  your day and your journaling session. Feel free to use your own mediation practice if you prefer.


:: Journaling Prompt – Day 2 ::

After taking a moment to tune in and get present with yourself, Free flow journal a couple of pages about but what’s coming up for you as you look at today’s exercise.

Choose something you want to experience differently and journal on What do I need to let go of in order to experience what I’m asking for.  It could be a specific belief, pattern, habit, environment.  Just allow yourself to write a bit about what you notice is holding you back.  

Then end journal by writing, “I’m willing to …….fill in the blank…….in order to experience more ……fill in the blank.”


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