Mercury is in Retrograde… Here’s what to do!

Mercury is in retrograde from today, March 5th through March 28th (with a few days of shadow on each end). 🌌
This is an opportunity for growth and expansion!
Take the time to go inward for your answers. The truth is always within.
As cliche as this sounds… it’s true.
This is a potent time for ……
Use this Universal energy to deepen your relationship with yourself… your soul.
Release attachment to the things don’t serve your highest alignment. The more you surrender into this process, the easier it will be.
Radical self care, pampering, self love, compassion and patience will help your body and mind feel safe to release and receive! 💓
Ahhhhh … take a deep breathe and release the grip you have on the way you “THINK” things “SHOULD” be.
Ride the wave.
Enjoy the process.
Be open to new ideas and inspiration.
Have the courage to act upon the new ideas, awareness’s and guidance.
The Universe is offering a powerful catalyst to support your big dreams and desires
🎆 Believe…
🎆 Open yourself to Receive…
🎆 Allow the miracles to unfold before you…
🎆 Take bold inspired action!
I would love to hear what you are creating and experiencing… Drop a comment below!

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