Soul Alignment and Activation Akashic Records Reading

The Soul Alignment and Activation Akashic Records Reading is a powerful catalyst for  entrepreneurs or those who feel called to creating a purpose-driven business. This  reading will  give you clarity around your unique gifts and purpose.
The first portion of the reading  teaches you about who you are at soul level, your inherent gifts and specialties if you will…It is really powerful to learn about this.  When we are aligned and expressing our unique soul gifts abundance, joy fulfillment is naturally present and we are in a place of manifesting things easily.

The second portion is a where I identify and share what soul level blocks and restrictions, patterns ect that are holding you back and are not allowing you to fully access your gifts and then do clearing work. We take a look at how these patterns are currently affecting  and limiting  you and talk about ways you can begin to take new action that is in alignment with your divinity.

There are other specialty readings that can be done as well in conjunction with Soul Alignment Reading,  such as learning  your Manifesting Blueprint and Business Alignment Assessments.

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Jennifer Gilchrist approach is spiritual counseling, healing and coaching tools. Jennifer  is not a licensed counselor or physician and is not responsible for your results.  Her services do not take the place of licensed physician or therapist. There are no refunds for this work.