This little light of mine…

When I tuned in today…this was the message I got to share.

I began to hear this song sing in my mind…

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

This is a message of encouragement and inspiration to keep on showing up sharing your beautiful message and heart with the world.

Continue to take the action that feels inspired from within you….even when its scary to share, show up anyways.


Because your message matters and you are inspiring and awakening hope within others just by showing up.

I would love to hear from you today…

What message are committed to sharing with the world? 

How are you committed to showing up and shining your light even more brightly?

Go here to leave me a comment inside the Soul Success Circle facebook community.

I also felt inspired to create a special invitation to those of you feeling the call to show up in more bright in the world yet may be feeling a bit unclear or stuck on how or what aligned action in your business or life.

This 60 minute intuitive soul alignment reading and clearing will help you to integrate and illuminate the next steps to take in stepping into the next level of leadership. Learning to tune in to my inner guidance has been my greatest gift It is so empowering to live your life in this way. I love awakening others to owning their gifts and learn to listen and trust their intuition enough to take the guided action. I am also going to give a powerful group Soul Alignment DNA Activation that I recently received as a bonus to help you ground even more confidence, clarity, amplify your intuitive abilities to next level and create space to fully integrate all the expansive change that is available to you so that you can take action and up level your life and business with more ease and grace.

This is limited to 10 people ~ 60 minute one-to-one and group Soul Alignment DNA Activation for $197.

This is deeply discounted from my one on one work and I do not not regularly offer single sessions.

So if you have been wanting a private reading from me now is your opprotunity. I would be so thrilled to help you gain insight, clarity and momentum in this time to act as a catalyst for you to experience more freedom and alignment in your purpose driven business.

Click here to claim one these spots to shed some light on your blind spots.

Until next time…

In abundance,

Jen Gilchrist
Soul Inspired Success Mentor & Speaker


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