Welcome to Angelic Activation!

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Welcome! Thank you so much for signing up for the 11-Day Angelic Activation Challenge!  I can’t wait to show you what’s possible when you align your business with passion and purpose in 2016 with the support of your angels!

Below are the details for Day 1 of the Challenge!

[Click here to watch the Angelic Activation Kick-Off Call!]

During this call, you will hear me share about the importance of setting an intention for this 11-Day Angelic Activation challenge! You’ll also hear me share more about who the Archangels are and how they can support us – both in big and small ways in our lives. Be sure to carve out some time today to listen in to the video!

Day 1 Alignment Activities:

1. Get two journals. One will be to take note of miracle stories of co-creating with your Angels. Everytime something happens that you feel happened because of the support of your Angels, be sure to write it down. The second journal is for journaling exercises throughout this process.

2. Join my Enlightened Entrepreneurs Facebook group and share a post introducing yourself, where you are from and what your intention is for the Angelic Activation Challenge.

3. On a daily basis, ASK your Angels for clear, loud signs that you can easily understand and to support you in your intention.

I hope you enjoy today’s kick-off call… Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow for access to Day 2 of the Angelic Activation. See you then!

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