What I create turns to Gold…

What I create turns to Gold.


Say it with me…


What I create turns to Gold.


How could it be any other way? I am a Divine Creator. I am here creating with Infinite Divine Intelligence when I Believe and Allow.


I know in every fiber of my being, I am here to awaken transformational leaders.


The beauty is…..I awaken the world as the world awakens me.


I am here to raise the consciousness of the planet and pave the way for emerging leaders and and heart centered entrepreneurs to claim their space in all their Glory…


There is enough room for all of our gifts. Until every single person on the planet is awakened to the Truth of their Divinity.. The Truth of their Divine Creative Power and truly living into the fullness of their Being there is room for more leaders, teachers, coaches, authors, speakers and change agents to illuminate TRUTH.


You are far more powerful than you know. The time is now to transcend your fears and limitations on what you can create.  The time is NOW to RISE UP and LEAD from LOVE.


“How will I do this?”  you may ask…


“How can I possibly fulfill such a large vision/mission?”


By tapping into the Infinite Wisdom you are…..It requires quieting down, going inward and cultivating the faith to let go of the need  to control the “How”… Trust..drop in…..Know that you are never alone and that you are guided and supported to get your message out.


This requires deep faith and trust.. It requires a strong commitment to yourself and  your purpose… It requires  you to cultivate and harness your intuition and ability to communicate with God, Higher Self  and your Spiritual Support team.. Whom are always there ready to illuminate your highest path.


This takes daily practice in the small day to day choices. I teach my clients to practice daily asking for guidance, listening and taking the aligned action in the form of divine guidance.


“What am I feeling?”


“What would my body like today to feel its best?”


“What is the next step I can take today to be in alignment with my higher purpose?”


“How can I be of service?”


When you begin to cultivate this inner knowing, live in communication with this Divine Wisdom and take the guided action.. You quickly build trust in the process.


Working with the angels and cultivating my intuition has allowed me to have confidence and trust to take leaps of faith into the unknown…. Which if left to my logical mind, I would have talked myself out of opportunities that have changed my life.


I have literally made $22,000 business investments purely because I have cultivated this level of trust in my body’s wisdom. Trust me when I say, I had a million reasons why I “shouldn’t” do it.. “It’s awfully risky” that voice screamed in head … and it would have been easy to listen to that voice of fear and doubt.. After all, I didn’t even have my mortgage payment in my bank account.


I knew by now, that it’s never really about the money. If something is aligned and allowing me to grow and live my life on purpose, then I am always provided for.  


I knew it came down to believing and trusting in myself.. Feeling the  fear and leaping into alignment with my vision by following the guided action.


I am deeply passionate about empowering spiritual entrepreneurs and emerging leaders step into their power and clarity of their unique message and gifts so they can lead from a Soul Inspired place.


Your clients and community are ready and waiting for your gifts, wisdom and inspiration  to illuminate the path for them.


If you think about it….It’s quite selfish to hoard your gifts and keep them a secret.  Wouldn’t you say?


You KNOW that what you offer changes people’s life and inspires hope.


Aren’t you so grateful that your mentors, spiritual teachers and coaches had the courage to move through their fears and into action so you could wake up fully to your purpose?


What if they hadn’t? What if they stayed playing it safe and small keeping their transformative gifts and life changing information a secret?


This is exactly the gratitude your soul aligned tribe will be feeling about you as you unleash your message to the masses.


If  you are shaking your head ,”YES,YES” this is me.. I have a POWERFUL gift and message to share “…


Then I invite you to join me for my upcoming masterclass:

Awaken the Voice of Your Soul

Thursday, August 3, 2017 @ 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern

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In this 60 minute masterclass you will discover ~

  • Secrets to access your soul’s voice
  • How to receive divine downloads
  • Next steps to confidently aligning your embodied presence with your soulful message
  • How to get visible so your divine clients can find you
  • … and much more!

I hope you’ll join me!


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